PFL Solution Looks To Enhance Customer Journeys With High-Impact Direct Mail

Published: June 3, 2019

PFL’s Tactile Marketing Automation (TMA) solution aims to combine the convenience of the modern martech stack with the power of direct mail. It is positioned to help marketers drive results by incorporating high-impact printed and mailed pieces into their marketing campaigns and customer journeys.


TMA is designed to help marketers rise above the digital clutter by sending personalized, high-impact physical mail directly from their CRM or marketing automation platform. 

Using the solution, marketers can send high-quality, custom products — anything from postcards, to branded goodies, coffee, printed case studies and even dog treats — just as easily as email. Users can add print and dimensional touchpoints into automated campaigns. Once the step is triggered from within the campaign, the fulfillment, shipping and tracking are all fully automated. TMA is also positioned to provide real-time job status updates to notify users when products are delivered to trigger timely follow-up actions.


The solution is designed for B2B marketers with high-consideration purchases.

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TMA is positioned to integrate with leading CRM and marketing automation platforms, including Salesforce, Marketo and Oracle Marketing Cloud.


Delivery and pricing scales are based on business needs, from user-based to full-site license.


The solution is used by many of the largest B2B brands in the world, including Proofpoint, Paycor, Spectrum, Invoca and more.


Tactile Marketing Automation is designed to help marketers deliver high-quality, personalized direct mail at scale. PFL’s competitive advantage includes its native integrations with the largest CRM and marketing automation platforms, as well as in-house management of the printing, storage and fulfillment of direct-mail packages. The company also assigns dedicated customer success teams for every customer.



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