Trends By Hotjar Aims To Elevate Data Analytics

Published: December 14, 2022

Hotjar provides brands with user insights and feedback to help inform empathy-centered changes that make product improvements. “Trends” by Hotjar is a new addition to Hotjar’s capabilities designed to help users keep track of product adoption methods, compare results of A/B split testing on a single chart and discover consumer gridlocks impacting the user experience.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

“Trends” allows marketers to gather and see the story that exists behind data in one product. Users can take custom KPIs and metrics and add them to their “Trends” dashboard. The tool can then analyze changes over time, detect relevant patterns and give users deeper insights into user behavior.

“Trends” by Hotjar aims to close the gap between information and implementation. Instead of going back and forth between analytics tools to find the relevant insights, users can create product adoption and conversion metrics in “Trends” and access insights directly from their charts.

Who It’s For

“Trends” is built for marketing, sales, product and E-commerce teams looking for a solution to the time-consuming and outdated task of gathering, compartmentalizing and analyzing consumer data across multiple platforms.

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What It Solves

“Trends” aims to help marketers and product teams mitigate the cycle of trying and failing to discover why a company’s online metrics are up or down. It seeks to connect the dots between user behavior insights so businesses can visualize their most important data.

What Makes It Special

“Trends” by Hotjar is designed to identify relevant trends within the data and find the recordings and heatmaps related to users’ underlying messages – all with a single click and dashboard.


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