Trusted CMO Offers Beneficial Services For B2B Startups

Published: September 6, 2022

Trusted CMO (TCMO) aims to provide foundational marketing for B2B startups to generate awareness, acquire customers and build a high-functioning marketing team. The company gives startups B2B marketing services, recruiting and education to help them grow and advance.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Trusted CMO built a network of marketing professionals offering both flexibility and scale as a company grows. Most frequent offerings include:

  • Product marketing;
  • Demand generation and marketing operations;
  • Go-to-market strategies (for non-US companies);
  • Content strategies;
  • Marketing planning; and
  • Recruiting.

Who It’s For

Trusted CMO works with B2B companies that are funded seed stage – Series B companies from top-tier venture capitalists. They also work with the CEO and product teams or the Head of Marketing and their team if those roles exist.

What It Solves

Trusted CMO aims to help companies market with the right practices in place and is an extension of the marketing team. Since TCMO works closely with companies, they can offer support in recruiting the right team members for the company.

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What Makes It Special

Trusted CMO was founded by start-up marketer, Alison Murdock, who found herself frustrated by constantly having to build from the ground up with few resources. TCMO helps startups fill gaps by bringing vetted resources to work on projects and providing expertise when needed.


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