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What Is A Lead, Anyway?

toddprofileBy Todd Davison, CEO, Demand Frontier

One of the many things I’ve enjoyed over the past 10 years in our industry is the ever-evolving definition of marketing. We’ve gone through concepts such as lead generation, demand generation, revenue performance and content marketing so fast it’s hard to know what to call yourself.

Twitter’s New Lead Gen Cards Appeal To B2B Marketers With Seamless Data Capture

TwitterWhen B2B marketers send out a typical paid tweet, they have to direct leads to a landing page with a form for their name, company, email and any other pertinent bits of data they want to capture. As any marketer knows, when prospects have to go to another site and fill out a form it increases the likelihood that they will just abandon the task.

That is all about to change with Twitter’s new Lead Generation Cards, which are being called revolutionary by some industry observers and could have an impact on how other social media outlets address the needs of B2B marketers going forward.

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