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B2B E-Commerce U.S. Transactions Total $559 Billion

e-commerceB2B companies are increasingly adopting e-Commerce as a means of marketing and selling their products and services, according to a BtoB Magazine report titled: “The Emerging Role of B-to-B E-commerce.” The online survey was sponsored by SAP’s Ariba, Inc. and conducted in March and April with more than 220 marketers. According to Forrester Research, B2B e-Commerce transactions within the U.S. exceed $550 billion annually.

More than 30% of B2B marketers are “strong” or “complete” adopters of e-Commerce, in comparison to the 25% from last year. With only 15% of marketers currently avoiding e-Commerce entirely, BtoB predicts that by 2014 40% of B2B marketers expect to be as committed to e-Commerce as a means of marketing and selling.

LinkedIn CMO Leads Demand Gen Discussion At BtoB’s Virtual Event

Patrick Crane, VP of Marketing for LinkedIn, delivered the opening keynote last week at BtoB Magazine’s new virtual event titled, Leading Edge: Demand Generation in the Digital Age, the magazine’s first-ever, daylong virtual trade show. Highlighting the growing power of social networks to reach prospects, Crane pointed out that 38% of all online media is now consumed on social platforms.

Using LinkedIn’s own strategy as a case study, Crane said it is critical for marketers to consider the “intent” of social communities, as many networkers use Facebook for personal and entertainment reasons, while conversations on platforms such as LinkedIn and Ning tend to be more oriented to business.
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