Marketing Operations

As data-driven marketing becomes a focus for more B2B companies, the role of marketing operations is out front. This section takes a look at the role of marketing operations in developing best practices that focus on metrics dashboards, resource/asset management and other marketing automation tools

3 Agile Marketing Fails (And How To Fix Them)

While Agile Marketing is not a new practice, it continues to grow in popularity, with 37% of marketers using some form of Agile to manage their work, according to research from Agile Sherpas, a collective of agile marketing coaches.

#B2BSMX Day 2: Customer Centricity, Digital Transformation Key Focuses For Businesses Rethinking Marketing Operations, Revenue Strategies

The challenges for CMOs in today’s B2B marketplace continue to multiply everyday as they struggle to promote digital transformation and customer-centricity to ultimately drive revenue. However, there has never been more opportunity for marketing to take a seat at the executive table as a respected business partner.
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