Demanding Views

This section provides insights from some of the most prominent industry thought leaders in the space.

Effective Coaching Is Critical For Retaining Top Sales Talent

By today, retaining the Millennial salesperson is a top priority. For most, it’s also a challenge. Sure, making the office more appealing helps, but tried-and-true leadership, mentorship and guidance will beat free snacks every time. It turns out, supportive manager relationships help retain sales reps of all ages.

When Not To Challenge Your Customer

The call for B2B marketers and salespeople to always be challenging and disrupting the customer is a great piece of advice when you’re trying to acquire new business. But it’s actually very bad advice when you’re trying to keep your customers and convince them to pay more. In fact, disrupting…

Is ABM A Fad?

At a recent industry event, the above question was posed by marketers and industry observers, who wondered out loud where the account-based marketing train was actually headed. It’s certainly a question worth pondering, especially as the marketing-tech world has become awash with buzz-worthy new technologies promising all manner of sales,…
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