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This section provides insights from some of the most prominent industry thought leaders in the space.

How To Build An Appealing Lead Generation Form

Fact: people don’t like online forms (gasp!). It’s not hard to see why: Online forms require extra work (and time) and typically stand in the way of a customer getting what he or she really wants — like a piece of content or access to software.

Looking Beyond CRM To Win The Digital Economy

I recently told my teenage daughter that we would have dinner soon and she simply responded: “Can you text me when it’s ready?” Her answer explains a lot about how customer expectations are changing dramatically in our new digital world. Of course, “yelling” through the house (think “mass marketing”) to…

SMBs: 5 Tips To Get Started With Marketing Automation

With the emergence of marketing automation software specifically designed for small businesses, the technology is finally scaling among SMBs. In fact, according to Gartner, 98% of all SMBs are looking at marketing automation for the first time. But, for these first-timers, the landscape of options and figuring out how to…

2017: The Year ABM Needs To Get Smart

I attended a great event, courtesy of IDG: Driving Demand Generation Success. The main theme was a hot one — ABM — and the panel debate was lively, with the likes of Gerry Brown, Research Director at IDC, Tim Pickard, CMO at NewVoiceMedia and Jo Pettifer, VP EMEA Marketing for…
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