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ON24 Launches Prospect Engagement Profile For Webinar Analysis

The ON24 Prospect Engagement Profile is a set of data analytics designed to translate webinar engagement into actionable insights via the company’s webinar platform. The solution aims to help marketers better understand a customer’s buying intent and automatically deliver those insights to accelerate the buying cycle, improve customer experience and…

Wistia Announces Integration With Marketo

Wistia, an internet video hosting and analytics company, has integrated with Marketo to help marketers gain a complete view of prospects’ engagement with video content. This insight becomes actionable when combined with the automation, reporting and scoring capabilities of Marketo.

AdRoll Rolls Out ABM Solution For Persona-Based Ads

AdRoll Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a personalized digital marketing solution designed to help marketers target key personas at their named accounts, create highly personalized ads and show their impact by connecting two marketing tech platforms: CRM and programmatic advertising.

Leadspace Unveils AI-Powered B2B Audience Management Platform

The Leadspace B2B Audience Management Platform is designed to help users discover their Total Available Market (TAM). The platform aims to increase customer and prospect engagement with data users need on both accounts and individuals. Leadspace uses artificial intelligence (AI) to recommend which prospects and customers to prioritize, and help…

Autopilot Debuts Insights Solution For Performance Tracking

Insights from Autopilot is designed to enable marketers to visualize and track the performance of their customer journeys against a goal, much like a fitness tracking app. Users are positioned to track the winning channels, metrics and messages needed to convert more revenue and optimize for a better customer experience.…
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