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Bridging The Gap Between Local Clients & Global Brands

shadow ETI EI004 WP ADVISOR CHALLENGE Mar 2015For independent financial services advisors, the need for ongoing outreach to clients with relevant messaging has never been greater. To address this challenge, many successful global financial services firms are supporting their local advisors with Relationship Marketing Platforms to integrate content, data and sources.

B2B Marketers Focus On Content And Cadence To Boost Later-Stage Lead Nurturing

Shadow DGR DG0020 SR Lead Nurturing Act-On Mar 2015 1Over the past several years, B2B marketers have been expanding the role of lead nurturing as a key element of their marketing initiatives. In Demand Gen Report’s 2014 Lead Nurturing Benchmarking Study, 71% of respondents reported that they are using lead nurturing as part of their demand generation activities, and another 19% plan to within the next 12 months.

Aligning The CEO And Marketing: Top 5 Reports The CEO Wants From Marketing

FullCircleWPSHADOWRevenue. It’s what drives a business and what drives a CEO. But, it isn’t always easy to connect-the-dots for him or her when it comes to marketing’s impact on the bottom line. By measuring and tracking marketing campaigns in the company’s CRM system, the proof will be there in the systems reporting.

Guide To Removing Obstacles For Account-Based Marketing


With every new system a business tries, there is a set of obstacles to overcome. Research shows that 41% of companies say they are making account-based marketing a priority. That means more businesses than ever are faced with a variety of obstacles that can slow the success of going beyond net leads at the top of the sales funnel.

The Formula For Powering Up Marketing Campaigns

Shadow Ustream US001 WP LiveAd Final

Video content is making waves in the B2B buying process. Studies show that more than half of B2B buyers view video content when researching a buying decision. This white paper dives into how live video ads can make a powerful impact on digital marketing initiatives, including:

On The Flipside: How “Flipping the Webinar” Can Enhance Audience Engagement

Shadow DGR DG0018 WBRF Flipped Knowledgevision Feb 2015Webinar attendance is down and those that do show up often leave far before the end — who has 60-minutes (in a row!) to give up in a workday? The same old webinar format has led to attendee fatigue. This brief recap of our recent “Flipping the Webinar,” webinar shows that it might be time to flip your webinars to make them more flexible, timely and engaging.

Going Beyond The Obvious With Predictive Analytics

shadow LS LS001 WP Predictive Aeb 2015Some things never change. For sales it’s always about the leads. For marketing it’s all about finding those leads for sales. But, as marketers work to cut through the clutter of email, social media and online content — while B2B buyers spend more time online and on social media during the buying process — many are stuck in the “old world” of analytics to score leads. Other, more progressive marketers are using predictive analytics to find the best leads.

The State Of Mobile Enablement

CV-Mobile-WPIt's time for your sales team to go mobile! This report highlights research-based insights into if, and how well, sales reps are leveraging mobile technology to enhance productivity and overall effectiveness, including:

  • Why only 23% of companies have deployed mobile technology, and why 82% don't plan to deploy them;
  • How mobile technology can increase product launch success and overall adoption rate; and
  • Where exactly sales reps are leveraging mobile technology in their daily routine.
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