Insight Into The Marketing & Sales Enablement Tech Stack

Alignment is an ongoing battle for B2B organizations — so much so that it is impacting tech selection. This infographic from Seismic examines new research that aims to uncover what types of technologies enterprise companies are leveraging to enhance their marketing and sales alignment capabilities.

The Benefits Of Micro-Influencer Marketing

Influencers don’t have to have millions of followers to be a valuable asset in your company’s influencer marketing strategy. This infographic from Shane Barker highlights the variety of ways B2B marketers can benefit from “micro-influencers” to drive engagement with target audiences.

Content Marketing Stats & Trends 2017

Seventy-five percent of marketers are increasing their investment in content marketing, which means communicating with your target audience may be as cluttered as ever. This infographic from PointVisible highlights key findings from content marketing for both B2B and B2C companies to better understand how to connect with their audiences.

The State Of Online Video

Video is an important marketing tool, but do marketers fully understand how users are consuming their content? This infographic from TwentyThree spotlights research from 300 marketing teams, 1.5 million videos and 650 million video plays on how marketers can use video to drive leads, improve data and nurture customers down…

The Mixology Of Content Marketing

To get your message across to your audience, you have to serve it up in a way that's easy to consume and enjoyable—like a refreshing cocktail. This infographic from JBH shares the variety of content formats available for B2B marketers to try out in their campaigns.

How Marketers Really Feel About Conferences

In-person events and tradeshows can take up a big chunk of marketing budgets, so it’s vital to make the most of those investments. This infographic from Digital Third Coast spotlights recent research from more than 300 marketing practitioners on their tradeshow preferences and what organizers can do to improve their…

The Really Good Email Design Checklist

This infographic from Campaign Monitor shares a comprehensive checklist for constructing an email design that will enhance campaigns and boost engagement.

Four Steps To Unlocking The Real Power Of Marketing Personalization

Personalization is a great opportunity for marketers to better engage customers, but close to three-quarters of buyers (74%) say they are frustrated with websites that are not tailored to their needs. This infographic from MDG Advertising shares a list of steps marketers can take to better personalize their engagement with…

The Data Quality Crisis

Research from Radius shows that in a three-month period, 7.6% of contacts in the average CRM become unreachable, 4.2% of phone numbers have changed or disconnected, and 2.5% of emails become invalid. This infographic from Radius features some recent findings that highlight the challenges of data quality for B2B enterprises.