The Data Quality Crisis

Research from Radius shows that in a three-month period, 7.6% of contacts in the average CRM become unreachable, 4.2% of phone numbers have changed or disconnected, and 2.5% of emails become invalid. This infographic from Radius features some recent findings that highlight the challenges of data quality for B2B enterprises.

How Will ‘Fake News’ Affect Online Ad Budgets?

This infographic from BrightRoll shares how the growing trend of “fake news” is causing advertisers to focus heavily on content quality. It also highlights key findings from a recent study that analyzed how programmatic advertisers are adapting to the growing abundance of inferior content across the Web.

20 Steps To Take After Your B2B Event

Tradeshows and events are considered one of the most effective channels used by B2B companies to engage prospective customers. But that doesn’t mean hosts should stop engaging with their attendees and sponsors once the event concludes. This infographic from agencyEA highlights a checklist of 20 steps to take once the…

Marketers’ Love/Hate Relationship With Martech

While marketing technology can help simplify many day-to-day tasks for marketers, most practitioners would much rather focus on the creative side of marketing. This infographic from Leadspace highlights this finding and other key takeaways from recent research about their views on the benefits and challenges with martech.

4 Steps To Launch A B2B Programmatic Campaign

Research from Adweek and Dun & Bradstreet shows that roughly 70% of B2B marketers plan on increasing their programmatic spending in 2017. This infographic from Dun & Bradstreet highlights four quick steps to formulating a B2B campaign program that leverages programmatic ad buying to better engage audience segments and maximize…

Cut Through B2B Information Overload With Effective Storytelling

The B2B landscape is packed with information. So how can we provide relevant, contextual content to our audience while circumnavigating the information overload? This infographic from LookBookHQ shines a light on how the simple art of storytelling can help marketers get their messages to target audiences over the information overload…

What Buyers Really Want From Content Marketers

This infographic from Uberflip highlights key findings from Demand Gen Report’s 2017 Content Preferences Survey Report and shines a light on B2B buyer expectations when it comes to the content they engage with when researching a purchase decision.

104 Facts You Don’t Know About Mobile Marketing

Mobile is still a marketing channel yet to be perfected by B2B practitioners. However, marketers have an opportunity to enhance personalization by incorporating mobile into their initiatives. This infographic from highlights more than 100 facts about mobile marketing and its impact on business initiatives, including desktop vs. mobile comparisons,…

The State of Content and Influencer Marketing

Influencer and content marketing have shown great potential in the B2B landscape. But before marketers start teaming up with influencers to create content, it's important to know the legalities and guidelines of working with influencers. This infographic from Izea spotlights stats and tidbits all marketers should know about the state…