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6 Steps To Optimizing Your ABM Contact Data

Your ABM program is coming together nicely — all your teams are aligned and you have a platform in place. But is your contact data ready?

A successful ABM strategy relies on accurate, complete data. So before you dive into your ABM initiatives, download this six-step guide to optimizing your contact data to learn how to:

  • Identify your target accounts;
  • Take inventory of your contacts with a data health check;
  • Cleanse your contact records; and
  • Design a contact acquisition strategy.

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The 2017 State Of B2B Lead Nurturing The 2017 State Of B2B Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is growing in sophistication as marketers realize the need for ongoing, relevant communication with prospects that are qualified but not ready to buy. Progressive marketers are leveraging segmentation to deliver relevant content and messaging — ultimately leading to bigger payoffs.

This special report dives into how companies such as Tradeshift and MOBĒ are finding success through approaches such as:

  • Combining phone calls and direct mail with behavioral data to generate engagement;
  • Utilizing predictive analytics to define accounts; and
  • Creating content to accommodate "bingers."

Download the report to learn more about how lead nurturing is paying off for B2B marketers.

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A Visual Digital Marketing Strategy To Boost ROI A Visual Digital Marketing Strategy To Boost ROI

When it comes to engaging prospective buyers in a digital environment, B2B marketers must align their initiatives via relevant channels — such as SEO, PPC, social media and more — to make an impact on the bottom line. This infographic from Digital Vidya provides a detailed, step-by-step guide to formulating a digital marketing strategy that maximizes B2B opportunities and revenue.

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The New Era Of Demand Generation In 2017 The New Era Of Demand Generation In 2017

How Leading B2B Organizations Are Modernizing Their Engagement Strategies In Reponse To Shifting Behaviors

Faced with the growing reality that B2B buying behaviors have been forever changed by always-on access to information across a variety of channels and larger buying teams, many progressive organizations are evolving their strategic approach to demand generation.

Download this E-book to gain an in-depth look into the common components of a modern demand generation approach, including:

  • The arrival of account-based strategies;
  • New approaches to content marketing and messaging;
  • New engagement trends across channels; and
  • The emergence of effective reporting and measurement.

Download the E-book today and begin evolving your demand generation program to meet buyer demands in 2017!

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The Qualification Process: From MQL To SQL The Qualification Process: From MQL To SQL

The status of a lead, such as whether it’s a net-new lead or an SQL, greatly determines the nurturing process B2B marketers must take to engage prospective buyers. This infographic from PureB2B describes — in detail — the qualification process of new leads. This includes the behavior, intent and needs of buyers as they move from an MQL to an SQL.

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6 Tips For Building A Sturdy Lead Gen Form 6 Tips For Building A Sturdy Lead Gen Form

B2B marketers do a lot of research into how to properly engage and nurture prospective buyers. But an often-overlooked area that can negatively impact campaigns is in the questions you're asking in lead gen forms. This infographic from KlientBoost and Formstack shares tips and strategies to construct a solid lead generation form that asks the right questions without turning prospects away.

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The Current Content Ecosystem The Current Content Ecosystem

As the content marketing landscape continues to grow and evolve, B2B marketers have to keep a finger on the pulse to stay fresh. This infographic from CopyPress shares research on how content marketing is evolving within the B2B marketplace, while providing insight on how creatives and freelancers view the space.

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Study: Marketing Budgets, CMO Responsibilities Are On The Rise Study: Marketing Budgets, CMO Responsibilities Are On The Rise

CMO budgets have increased by 33% since 2014, according to Gartner. The increase in budget also reflects the CMO’s influence in tech spending — which now sits only .2% away from evenly spending as much as the CIO. This infographic from Gartner highlights recent findings from the firm’s 5th annual CMO Spend study, including who now reports to marketing and where a majority of the marketing budget is being used.

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Modern Marketing Maximized Modern Marketing Maximized

5 Key Steps For Data-Driven Success

Marketers today have a sea of tools and software solutions to help boost their company's bottom line. But experts agree that even the most sophisticated technologies can fall short without a comprehensive data management foundation.

If you — like many marketers today — are struggling to solidify your approach to data, this white paper can help. Inside, you'll find the five crucial steps to follow to ensure your efforts are supported by quality data, including how to:

  • Identify and outline data needs;
  • Establish standards to ensure quality;
  • Enrich data;
  • Provide continuous data management; and
  • Tie data improvement to revenue.

Download this white paper to learn how to effectively improve your database strategy.

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The Metrics That Matter For Effective Lead Generation The Metrics That Matter For Effective Lead Generation

Data takes the guess work out of your lead generation strategy, but what are the right metrics to measure to ensure you're not wasting time and resources? This infographic from PureB2B shares a variety of metrics that help to effectively measure performance, marketing, content, sales and more.

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