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Content consumption habits among buyers continue to shift, and while buying cycles have grown longer and more complex, buyers—like marketers—have less time to devote to researching purchases than in the past. More than one-third of buyers strongly agreed they have fewer hours in the day to read up on potential purchases.

It's no surprise that shorter formats, on-demand and bundled content, mobile-friendly formats and visual and interactive content top their list of preferred content assets with what little time they can carve out. Buyers are also inclined to check trustworthiness of sources, and analyst reports and third-party independent content is preferred by a wide margin among buyers.

Given their limited timeframe for doing research, buyers want to get right to the meat of content assets that will help them most in their journey. When we asked what type of content they want, prescriptive content that lays out a formula for success was the most popular type of content among buyers.

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The Barriers Of Marketing Automation Success The Barriers Of Marketing Automation Success

While many marketers focus on the technology that will enable new processes within their organization, oftentimes there is lack of strategy to maximize that effectiveness. Research from Ascend2 shows that more than half (52%) of companies using marketing automation say that a lack of strategy impacts their success. This infographic from R2integrated highlights industry research detailing the barriers B2B organizations face with their marketing automation initiatives.

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Why Your Website Fails Buyers Why Your Website Fails Buyers

New Research Reveals B2B Buyers Struggle To Find And Engage With Relevant Content On The Path To Purchase

Content has proven to be the driving force in B2B brand engagement. In fact, nine out of 10 buyers said the vendor they chose provided a mix of content to help them through each stage of the decision-making process. But a new study conducted by LookbookHQ and Demand Gen Report revealed that buyers are finding it difficult to locate relevant content on B2B company websites.

In this survey report, you'll learn some practical solutions to help you align content with buyer needs and preferences and make it readily available to your target audience. It will also uncover:

  • The biggest challenges in content delivery and how to fix them;
  • Website goals vs. demand gen strategies;
  • Content gating practices and the quest to identify buyers; and
  • Next-gen content approaches that close the gap.

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31 Content Marketing Stats For 2017 31 Content Marketing Stats For 2017

Research shows that content marketing has proven results in a B2B environment. Roughly four out of every five B2B CMOs (78%) say custom content is the future of marketing. This infographic from Red Website Design shares industry research from the Content Marketing Institute, The Altimeter Group and more to highlight the growing role of content marketing in the B2B landscape.

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A Brief History Of Content Marketing A Brief History Of Content Marketing

This infographic from GetApp breaks down the growth and evolution of content marketing over the past decade. It also shares interesting stats spotlighting trends that had a positive—and negative—impact on the practice from year to year.

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Prepare for Marketing Automation: 5 Tips to Maximize ROI Prepare for Marketing Automation: 5 Tips to Maximize ROI

Getting started with marketing automation may seem complicated, but with a little preparation, you'll see results right away. In fact, 44% of companies achieve a positive ROI within only six months - with a 28% average overall return.

This quick start crash course will give you a 5-step strategy to prepare your organization for adopting marketing automation and help you accelerate your return on investment.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

The three "Must Dos" to get started;
Setting up your pilot lead management program;
Core competencies your team will need;
The 5-step process for creating your first automated program; and
Optimizing and maximizing results with metrics that matter.

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7 Steps To Inbound Marketing Success 7 Steps To Inbound Marketing Success

Inbound marketing has become a no-brainer in the B2B landscape, whether it's through social media, content or search engine optimization. The strategy helps create brand awareness so savvy buyers can find you at the click of a mouse. This infographic from HubMonks showcases the seven steps to inbound marketing success, with details into why each step is important and how to excel at it.

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The 2017 Killer Content Awards: Spotlighting Innovative Brands Embracing The New Rules Of Buyer Engagement The 2017 Killer Content Awards: Spotlighting Innovative Brands Embracing The New Rules Of  Buyer Engagement

The days of product-specific content and marketing "selfies" are long gone. You don't want that, and neither do your buyers.

Best-in-class marketers and demand creators know that to capture buyer affection they must create compelling stories and immersive content experiences that inform and empower their audiences.

The winners of this year's Killer Content Awards (known affectionately as the Finnys) represent the brands that have embraced this new marketing paradigm. Click through the below experience to learn more about the awards categories and our 44 winners. We hope you enjoy it.

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5 Industry Experts Sound Off On B2B Content Challenges 5 Industry Experts Sound Off On B2B Content Challenges

Even though the content marketing landscape has evolved into a pivotal part of many B2B marketing strategies, there are still hurdles to overcome before the content can thrive. This infographic from Kapost shares insight into B2B challenges from five content marketing thought leaders, including Ann Handley, Michael Brenner and Ardath Albee.

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Success With Salesforce For Full-Cycle Reps Success With Salesforce For Full-Cycle Reps

Traditional sales teams are oftentimes looped into the buyer's journey once they are ready to make a purchase. But for full cycle reps—salespeople who manage the entire sales process—having the right tools can make even the toughest tasks manageable. This infographic from SalesLoft discusses how full-cycle sales reps can leverage Salesforce to manage prospects at each stage of the sales funnel—while also providing tips to boost sales engagement.

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Source: SalesLoft

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