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Influencer and content marketing have shown great potential in the B2B landscape. But before marketers start teaming up with influencers to create content, it's important to know the legalities and guidelines of working with influencers. This infographic from Izea spotlights stats and tidbits all marketers should know about the state of influencers in the creator economy.

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Hitting A Bullseye With Your Content Marketing Strategy Hitting A Bullseye With Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing has a variety of strategies, techniques and tactics that make each program unique in its own way. The goal for content marketers is to find the right mix of these strategies to hit the mark with content and meet goals. This infographic from Online Marketing Institute aims to simplify content marketing to make it easier to traverse.

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Content Marketing Vs. Public Relations: How Do They Differ? Content Marketing Vs. Public Relations: How Do They Differ?

Communication—whether internal or external—is vital to B2B success. And understanding how different tools of communication, such as content marketing and public relations, make an impact is just as important to properly engaging prospects. This infographic from CJG Digital Marketing details the key differentiators between the two practices, while also highlighting how these differences help meet goals in communicating with target audiences.

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PR vs Content Marketing How Do They Differ

Source: CJG Digital Marketing

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A Startup Guide To Developing A Digital Marketing Campaign A Startup Guide To Developing A Digital Marketing Campaign

Whether you are an enterprise organization or a newly funded startup, the core components of a digital marketing strategy—such as content marketing, email and SEO—are crucial for continued growth. This infographic from DashBurst outlines steps to create and execute a digital marketing strategy, as well as a list of suggested tools to help get your team going with its new initiative.

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State Of The Conversation Report State Of The Conversation Report

The B2B Content Disconnect: What Companies Believe Vs. How They Behave

A majority of companies believe that buyers are more than halfway through the buying journey by the time they engage a sales rep. But what kind of changes are they making to their demand generation and sales content because of that belief? And is their content on both sides of the lead handoff making the pipeline impact they need?

This State of the Conversation Report examines the challenges companies are facing at the intersection of content strategy, sales enablement, and lead conversion, and explores how companies can improve performance across these vital areas.

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The State Of B2B Sales Enablement The State Of B2B Sales Enablement

B2B sales leaders are hungry for solutions to drive deeper engagement, improve conversion rates, accelerate deals and boost win rates. Research from CSO Insights shows that 33% want to improve communication between reps and clients, and 30% said they are looking to streamline their opportunity management process.

To meet these goals, close collaboration with marketing to create personalized, specific content for deeper in the sales cycle has become a necessity. These goals are increasing pressure on marketing teams to develop the targeted content that sales needs, and have it readily available when the rep needs it.

Download this special report to learn how you can position your marketing and sales teams to better track the ROI of their late-stage content and maximize sales reps' ability to have converting conversations!

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Virtual Reality Is Now A Marketing Reality Virtual Reality Is Now A Marketing Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is now the new reality, and it offers B2B companies a unique opportunity to incorporate an augmented customer experience within their marketing campaigns to create high-level, motivational and instinctive messaging. This “gifographic” from Marketo is designed to dive into how virtual reality can impact B2B brands and show how it can add a more immersive experience to your marketing campaigns.

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The 2017 Content Preferences Survey Report The 2017 Content Preferences Survey Report

Content consumption habits among buyers continue to shift, and while buying cycles have grown longer and more complex, buyers—like marketers—have less time to devote to researching purchases than in the past. More than one-third of buyers strongly agreed they have fewer hours in the day to read up on potential purchases.

It's no surprise that shorter formats, on-demand and bundled content, mobile-friendly formats and visual and interactive content top their list of preferred content assets with what little time they can carve out. Buyers are also inclined to check trustworthiness of sources, and analyst reports and third-party independent content is preferred by a wide margin among buyers.

Given their limited timeframe for doing research, buyers want to get right to the meat of content assets that will help them most in their journey. When we asked what type of content they want, prescriptive content that lays out a formula for success was the most popular type of content among buyers.

Download the 2017 Content Preferences Survey Report to learn why B2B buyers demand shorter, on-demand content to help make their purchase decisions.

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The Barriers Of Marketing Automation Success The Barriers Of Marketing Automation Success

While many marketers focus on the technology that will enable new processes within their organization, oftentimes there is lack of strategy to maximize that effectiveness. Research from Ascend2 shows that more than half (52%) of companies using marketing automation say that a lack of strategy impacts their success. This infographic from R2integrated highlights industry research detailing the barriers B2B organizations face with their marketing automation initiatives.

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Why Your Website Fails Buyers Why Your Website Fails Buyers

New Research Reveals B2B Buyers Struggle To Find And Engage With Relevant Content On The Path To Purchase

Content has proven to be the driving force in B2B brand engagement. In fact, nine out of 10 buyers said the vendor they chose provided a mix of content to help them through each stage of the decision-making process. But a new study conducted by LookbookHQ and Demand Gen Report revealed that buyers are finding it difficult to locate relevant content on B2B company websites.

In this survey report, you'll learn some practical solutions to help you align content with buyer needs and preferences and make it readily available to your target audience. It will also uncover:

  • The biggest challenges in content delivery and how to fix them;
  • Website goals vs. demand gen strategies;
  • Content gating practices and the quest to identify buyers; and
  • Next-gen content approaches that close the gap.

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