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4 Simple Steps To Marie Kondo Your Marketing Data

Research shows that nearly half of marketers (43%) say their database initiatives need significant improvement. So, if looking at your MAP and CRM systems sparks stress instead of joy, it may be time for a Marie Kondo makeover.

Netflix’s new show “Tidying Up” has people across the nation overhauling their closets and organizing their homes — and luckily, the same principles can be applied to B2B. But why wait until Spring to clean up your business data? Here are four simple steps to Marie Kondo your marketing applications today:

1. Bring In Backup

If you’re a modern marketer, there’s a good chance the data stored in your tech stack may be outdated and overwhelming. You’re going to want to have all hands on deck for this. So, extend a hand to the sales team and ensure both departments are on board with refreshing and maintaining your data acquisition strategy. Knowing you’re not alone in the task will help spark joy even before you get started.


2. Perform A Data Audit

Once you’ve assembled your martech tidying task force, it’s time for a data audit. According to ZoomInfo, up to 25% of B2B databases contain critical errors and 30% of people change jobs each year. To ensure your marketing dollars don’t go to waste and your campaigns generate results, you’ll need to comb through your contacts and leads to verify that all of the information is correct, including titles and email addresses.


3. Assess Your Tech Stack

Marketing data is only as good as the systems it’s stored in. You have to be able to easily access, update and export your data. So, take a minute to assess your current marketing and sales systems and see which platforms fit the bill. Don’t be afraid to let go of any solutions that complicate your processes and don’t spark joy.


4. Add The KonMari Method To Your Calendar

Congratulations, you’ve mastered the KonMari method! But before you start celebrating, take note that tidying up is not a one-and-done process. You’ll want to set aside time each quarter to refresh your marketing data and accounts. Trust me, you’ll be thanking yourself at the end of the year.