It’s Finny Time: Nominations For The 11th Annual Killer Content Awards Now Open

Published: October 4, 2022

A lot happened in 2012: People thought the world was going to end, NASA’s Curiosity Rover successfully landed on Mars and Demand Gen Report debuted its Killer Content Awards (KCAs). The KCAs were designed to honor the most creative minds in the B2B world — and since its inception, it’s received more than 2,000 nominations and honored more than 280 pieces of, well, killer content. And now there’s an opportunity for you to join the winner’s circle: Nominations for the 2023 awards are now open.

To be considered for an award, B2B marketing practitioners are invited to nominate themselves of colleagues and peers via the 2023 B2B Innovator Awards Nominations Form. Categories include:

  • Account-Based Marketing Campaign
  • Audio Content
  • Buyer-Focused Content
  • Channel Partner Marketing
  • Design Concept/Theme
  • Influencer Campaign
  • Interactive Content
  • Multi-Touch Content
  • Nurture Campaign
  • Packaged/Bundled Content
  • Publisher Partner
  • Research-Based Content
  • Sales Enablement Content
  • Short-Form Content
  • Video Content
  • B2B’s Choice Award

“Since 2012, the KCAs have spotlighted B2B brands that are pushing creative limits and embracing new storytelling methods, formats and campaign strategies to better engage audiences through their content,” said Klaudia Tirico, Editor of Demand Gen Report and coordinator of the KCAs. “Every year, our nominees never cease to wow us, proving that B2B content doesn’t have to be boring. Now, at a time when we simply can’t afford to deliver inauthentic, ‘spray-and-pray’ messaging to today’s savvy, self-service buyer, the Demand Gen Report team is excited to see what B2B content marketers have up their sleeves to engage audiences in this digital-first world.”

The winners will be honored at an awards ceremony at the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, Ariz. during DGR’s B2B Marketing Exchange (#B2BMX) from Feb. 27 to March 1, 2023. The event is designed for B2B marketing professionals interested embracing creativity and elevating their results. Embracing Creativity. Following #B2BMX, DGR will release a complete report showcasing the winners’ content.

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