Podcast Preview: Strategies For Consistency, Collaboration & Success In Sales Enablement

Published: November 8, 2023

In the keynote session at the 2023 B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange this past August, industry thought leader and author Roderick Jefferson dove into the profound significance of consistency, collaboration and success, emphasizing their role in driving business growth and customer satisfaction. 

For the season nine premiere of the B2B Marketing Exchange podcast, I was joined by my co-host — #B2BMX’s Content Director Klaudia Tirico — to take a virtual journey back to Boston to listen in on Roderick’s session.

Throughout his presentation, Roderick showed attendees how they can embark on a journey to unlock the true potential of sales enablement and revolutionize their organization’s approach to sales.

Tune in to the podcast now to learn how to:

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  • Personalize the customer experience by focusing on helping customers rather than just selling;
  • Use AI to improve processes like lead scoring, content generation and role playing;
  • Measure outcomes and high-value activities rather than just activities;
  • Align business functions by bringing them together regularly to ensure everyone is on the same page;
  • Continually iterate sales processes, playbooks and strategies based on customer feedback; and
  • Speak the language of each business function to partner with them effectively.

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