LeadGenius Generates $50 Million In Pipeline Revenue With Email Upgrade

Published: September 27, 2016

EmailSales and marketing technology provider LeadGenius helps companies connect with decision-makers through automated emails. After experiencing some setbacks with third-party software, the company turned to Nylas, an email application for sales professionals, to help them streamline email marketing for their customers.


Prior to leveraging Nylas, LeadGenius was collecting data entirely in-house and using third-party software, such as Yesware and Toutapp, to send email campaigns for their clients. It turned out that the software wasn’t set up for industrial-scale use.

“We found that the scale of email that we were sending, and the volume that we were pushing to these systems hit their limits pretty quickly,” said Anand Kulkarni, Founder and President of LeadGenius, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “So we experienced problems like emails not going out when expected, and emails not being delivered, customers not understanding or being able to find transparency about why their messages weren’t getting through to their intended recipients at the desired time.”

Kulkarni said the company looked for a solution that could be built from scratch and that would allow it to integrate with a variety of email platforms, such as Gmail and Microsoft Exchange. The solution also had to allow LeadGenius to fully develop around it and be able to fully integrate an experience that would be indistinguishable from the rest of its product set. “Most critically, we had to make sure that [the solution] could handle the kind of volume requirements that we had given the systems that failed to deliver,” he said.

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LeadGenius ended up building a dedicated and large subsection of its product entirely around Nylas’ developer system for sending and receiving emails. The company was also able to build a full-fledged and feature-rich product using the range of options the Nylas API provides.

“We were really impressed with the speed and efficiency that we were able to construct a very basic first version of the product,” said Kulkarni. “I remember seeing our developers build a version in just weeks, which was pretty unbelievable. Even today we found that a lot of the feature developments that we’ve planned around emails in our product is facilitated by a lot of the cool stuff that Nylas exposes to us via the API.”


The company has been working with Nylas since December 2014. Since then, LeadGenius has been focused on measuring how much pipeline it has generated for its customers. “It is the main measurement that we apply when deciding if a feature or subset of our features is actually working for our customers,” said Kulkarni. “Because we’re a sales and marketing company, we care a lot about when our customers are growing their own businesses through the product.”

Six months ago, the company generated about $10 million in pipeline for its customers via Nylas, but that number has skyrocketed.

“We’ve seen our customers generate $50 million in pipeline revenue through Nylas,” said Kulkarni. “They’re generating a big amount of business through the product, which is a success for us.”

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