LiveChat Sees 75% Open Rate With Personalized Customer Journeys

Published: March 6, 2017

Online customer service solution LiveChat partnered with Autopilot, an email marketing and marketing automation software, to create personalized customer journeys based on how prospects engage with the company through a 30-day trial or on the company website. The company wanted to track email and engagement, as well as better communicate with prospective customers as they weigh purchasing the product.

The Challenge

LiveChat’s entire sales process is automated. The company obtains leads by offering the free 30-day trial on its website, and then actively nurtures prospects in an effort to convert them once the trial ends.

However, all communications were identical. LiveChat needed to identify a way to target prospects better. LiveChat began researching ways to personalize its communication with prospective customers through segmentation, while also continuing to stay as automated as possible.

“Over time, we realized we cannot offer the same communication to everyone trying out our software,” said Szymon Klimczak, CMO at LiveChat, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “We needed a specific approach to our email communication. We were looking for [a solution] that allowed us to provide specific communication to particular customers with a message that resonates within that audience.”

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The Solution

LiveChat turned to Autopilot, a marketing solution designed to help users create personalized, multichannel customer journeys via email, in-app messages, SMS and postcards. Using Autopilot, LiveChat can map out a customer’s journey and tailor messaging based on the prospect’s behavior.

“We identified customer pain points, such as an inability to identify people coming to their website,” Klimczak said. “We [then] measure how customers are dealing with pain points at the moment, and then we create journeys that alleviate the pain points. We [also] measure the results.”

The company measures success based on whether the “customer is able to solve their problem or not,” as well as conversion rates, Klimczak added.

The Results

After implementing Autopilot, LiveChat has seen its open rates and click-through rates increase significantly. In the company’s “onboarding” journey—which is used to onboard new clients that bought in after their trial ended—Klimczak has seen a roughly 50% open rate and a 7.56% click-through rate.

Klimczak added that the company’s most successful journey is its “lead gen” journey, which allows him to qualify sales prospects as MQLs. He noted that this customer journey has seen a “75% open rate, and a click rate of 82%.” Autopilot also enabled LiveChat to measure deeper engagement within these emails—such as number of times an email was opened or clicked-through.

“Not only did they want to see the report, but they were coming back and accessing it again,” Klimczak concluded. This insight helps LiveChat identify prospects most likely to convert, and further refine their messaging to meet buyer needs.

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