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Case In Point

B2B companies are driven by results. This section provides real-world case studies that show how successful B2B marketing teams are planning, executing and measuring their campaigns.

Cloudera Leverages Intent Data To Achieve 50% Target-Industry Engagement

Cloudera, the enterprise data cloud company, was an early adopter of account-based marketing (ABM). Like many organizations that have embraced ABM, Cloudera was looking for ways to advance its digital marketing strategies as part of its effort to target businesses interested in their offerings and increase engagement and awareness.

AppNeta Sees 150% Increase In Pipeline With Intent-Driven Strategy

With a small team and heavy competition, AppNeta turned to intent data to get in front of target audiences via their preferred channels. The company teamed up with TechTarget to gain a better picture of behaviors and research patterns of key stakeholders in buying committees to re-envision its demand generation…

The SALT Group Doubles Productivity With Agile Sales Enablement

When The SALT Group, a company that provides operating costs and expense reduction services, needed a solution that could double sales, cut costs in half and standardize and improve their call center, they looked to VanillaSoft’s platform to achieve these daunting tasks within three to five years. VanillaSoft is a…
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