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Abram Interstate Insurance Increases Email Open Rates By 40% With Marketing Automation

Abram Interstate Insurance Services, a B2B marketing company that caters to insurance agents, turned to the marketing automation service Act-On Software to revamp its marketing strategy and better nurture prospects to boost sales.

The Challenge

Abram excelled at personal service but struggled to keep up with new advancements in marketing technology. As a result, the company was unable to manage its email marketing effectively and lacked the tools to develop targeted campaigns that would successfully engage buyers.

“The insurance industry is notoriously slow to adopt new technology, and while Abram has a large customer base, reaching everyone and knowing how they were interacting with our content was difficult,” said John Poucher, Marketing and Sales Manager of Abram Interstate Insurance Services, in a statement to Demand Gen Report. “We had to find a way to work smarter without sacrificing the high degree of individual attention that sets us apart.”

The Solution

 The company implemented Act-On for its marketing automation solutions and native integration with SugarCRM to address the issue.

“Act-On has seamless integration with SugarCRM, which strengthens both our marketing and sales efforts.” Poucher said. “With Act-On, we only pay for our active contacts, not our entire database, so it’s more cost-effective.”

Educating buyers about the insurance products offered is a top priority for Abram, as much of the company’s business comes from upselling current customers. By partnering with Act-On, Abram was able to gather information from site visits and create automated programs that curate content for each customer. The company was also equipped to nurture leads effectively.

“Act-On’s automated programs allowed us to nurture customers with highly targeted messages, and the platform’s email, form and landing page composers dramatically reduced the time it takes to develop these campaigns,” Poucher said. “When a rep enters a new prospect into Sugar, it triggers an email campaign that frequently converts a lead without any further involvement from sales. Prospects can even finalize their purchase by completing the necessary forms online.”

The Result

Act-On boosted the company’s email open rates by an average of 40% and as much as 75% in some cases. As a result, employees at Abram were able to execute campaigns five times faster, meaning increased productivity.

“Act-On and Sugar have given us the customer data we need to optimize our campaigns,” Poucher said. “We’ve doubled our conversion rate and reduced the length of our sales cycle by 50%.”

By embracing new technology and adopting Act-On, Abram equipped itself to tackle the challenges of a digital market and better serve its customers.