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Content Marketing & Demand Gen: Make The Synergy, Make The Sale

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Content is king at the moment. But if an engaging webinar, white paper or video appears and hardly anyone sees it, what’s the point?

Although content creation and demand generation teams share the goal of attracting customers and boosting sales, they work in distinct ways. Demand gen staffers work closely with sales teams, focusing on understanding and winning over the audience they’re trying to reach at any given time. Content marketers often take a longer view, telling their brand’s story through an ongoing narrative guided by their company’s overarching product strategy.  

7 B2B Buying Behavior Trends To Watch In 2014

Tony ZambitoAs we look to the coming year, Demand Gen Report will publish a series of predictions for 2014 from industry leaders.

By Tony Zambito

Like a runaway train, B2B buyers continue to evolve and reshape their buying behaviors. They are adapting to new channels as well as technologies to solve critical problems, reach goals, and accomplish more. My conversations with B2B marketing and sales leaders indicate that it will be tougher for B2B marketing and sales teams to keep pace in both customer acquisition and retention.

Marketers Strive For A Holistic View Of Buyers

customer relationship shutterstock 113068783It is clear that marketers can no longer treat all prospects alike, as sending out the same email to everyone no matter who they are or where they are in the buying cycle is not likely to yield stellar results. While the ultimate goal is to make a sale, it is becoming more important to develop a rapport with buyers and understand what drives their purchasing decisions. That was the message of several speakers at the recent Digital Marketing University event in Philadelphia held by Silverpop.

“You have to own the whole relationship with the customer,” said Ellen Valentine, Product Evangelist for Silverpop. “It seems like a bit of an oxymoron, but as we have more channels and more ways to communicate with the customer, the buyer expects a more personalized experience.”

6 Keys To Building A High Performance Revenue Marketing Practice

By Debbie Qaqish,
Principal Partner and Chief Revenue Marketing Officer for The Pedowitz Group

Debbie_QEditor's Note: This is the first installment in a three-part series.

There are six major controls to building and sustaining an effective Revenue Marketing practice: strategy, content, people, process, technology and results. You will use every one of these six controls to set your own unique path and pace for transforming marketing from a cost center to a revenue center.

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