Making The Leap From A Static To Real-Time Action Model For Predictive Selling

Anil kaul 580x388AI-enabled sales technologies have made predictive selling a reality by combining data and analytics to drive sales success. AI can help salespeople prioritize leads and make relevant product or service recommendations using data science to provide guidance. This frees the sales team to focus on the art of sales and build relationships that lead to new opportunities. 

Planning Ahead: 4 B2B Trends To Master For 2017

As 2016 comes to a close, you’re probably already having conversations with your team about how you are going to revamp your marketing and sales initiatives to surpass goals, meet quotas and drive pipeline in the new year.

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YesPath Introduces A Data-Centric Approach To Account-Based Marketing

YesPath is an account-based marketing platform designed to help sales and marketing teams build relationships with targeted accounts by tracking engagement, predicting intent and distributing personalized content.


YesPath analyzes large volumes of data about accounts, including data in CRM, marketing automation, website traffic and intent data from a network of more than 2,500 B2B websites. YesPath combines the data into account profiles and tracks accounts' progress through the buying cycle, so that the best content can be selected for an account based on its stage, behavior and interests.


YesPath connects to a customer’s website via a JavaScript tag. Optionally, it can also collect data about account behavior from a CRM system and/or marketing automation platform.


YesPath is delivered as a SaaS application. Pricing is tied to the volume of contacts and the number of sales representatives.


YesPath launched in March 2016. Beta customers included BlueJeans Network, MongoDB, Host Analytics and Kaleo Software.


YesPath brings a data-centric approach to ABM. The platform provides insights about a company’s target accounts, so marketers can develop the right content and send it to the right people.


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