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Marketers Eye Predictive Models In Next Generation Of Lead Scoring

Lattice E-Book drop shadow 250pxLead scoring is more widely adopted than it was even just a year ago and many B2B marketers are already planning for the next major shift — predictive lead scoring.

These were a few of the key findings in a survey titled: Benchmarking Marketing Automation: The Shift Toward Next Generation Lead Scoring & Segmentation, conducted by Decision Tree Labs and commissioned by Lattice Engines.

Lattice Engines Introduces Predictive Lead Scoring App

Lattice logoLattice Engines has introduced Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring, which uses predictive analytics to identify and prioritize sales-ready leads. The application is designed to help marketers become familiar with common buying signals, according to company officials.

“Lead scoring is the next frontier for predictive analytics in marketing,” said Shashi Upadhyay, CEO of Lattice Engines. “Now companies can benefit from applying science to the universe of prospect and customer knowledge available today to predict and close their best leads.”

Lattice Data Cloud Offers Source of Predictive Buying Signals

Lattice logoLattice Engines announced the Lattice Data Cloud, which is designed to bring together web, social and proprietary buying signals to deliver predictive insights to marketing and sales.

The Lattice Data Cloud combines information from tens of thousands of data sources, millions of web sites, dozens of social sites and in-depth third-party data on more than 30 million businesses.

Report Defines Role Of Customer Data Platform Vendors

Research pieceA new class of vendors is emerging to help marketers improve their customer databases, according to a new report from Raab Associates. The Guide to Customer Data Platforms describes systems that give marketers control of building customer databases to support cross-channel marketing programs.

Unlike traditional marketing automation systems, these products do not necessarily deliver marketing messages, according to David M. Raab, Principal of Raab Associates and author of the report. Instead, they provide shared data and analytics to coordinate and optimize messages delivered by multiple channel systems.

Discover How Predictive Analytics Can Turbocharge Your Marketing Automation

Shadow Lattice E-book Amp Up Marketing Automation with Predictive Analytics
Marketing automation tools are part of the modern marketer’s arsenal, but tracking a buyer’s behavior across inbound and outbound channels only provides a view of where they have been. By layering on predictive analytics, marketers can get a better sense of where the buyer is headed next.

This E-book will provide a look at how forward-thinking companies are enhancing their marketing automation systems with predictive analytics to enhance their scoring, nurturing and data integration efforts.

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Lattice Engines Expands Use of Social Data

Lattice logoLattice Engines announced the latest release of its analytics platform, Lattice salesPRISM, which combines social data with predictive capabilities enabled by Big Data.

The new release of Lattice salesPRISM expands the cloud-based platform’s use of social information. Company officials noted that salesPRISM continually monitors social data allowing for a comprehensive understanding of trending activities such as posts, job listings or firmographic data. By combining it with other Big Data and proprietary data sources and applying predictive analytics, salesPRISM directs sales and marketing to the leads with the greatest propensity to buy.

DGR TV: Brian Kardon, Lattice Engines


Brian Kardon, CMO, Lattice Engines

Following the recent announcement that Lattice Engines had secured a $20 million round of venture funding, DGR's connected with the company's CMO Brian Kardon to discuss the company's plans for investing the capital to continue the growth of its predictive analytics tools for enterprise sales teams.

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DGR TV: Brian Kardon, Lattice Engines


Brian Kardon, CMO, Lattice Engines

Demand Gen Report caught up with Brian Kardon, CMO of Lattice Engines, on the floor at this year’s Dreamforce Cloud Expo. Kardon discusses the growing impact of “Big Data” on today’s sales and marketing organizations, the importance of predictive analytics, and how Lattice Engines’ solutions can turn Big Data into a powerful force for sales enablement.

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