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Demandbase And Oracle Marketing Cloud Partner To Launch ABM Marketing Automation Tool

Featured Demandbase And Oracle Marketing Cloud Partner To Launch ABM Marketing Automation Tool

Demandbase has partnered with Oracle Marketing Cloud to introduce an account-based marketing automation (MA) solution. Called Demandbase Account-Based Marketing Automation, the solution will position B2B marketers to implement account-specific campaigns directly in Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation. Customers are currently beta testing the new solution.

 In an interview with Demand Gen Report, Demandbase CMO Peter Isaacson said the account-based MA solution solves two challenges in traditional MA. Firstly, he notes that MA “focuses on known individuals, but [so much of the buying] process is done anonymously before hand-raising.”

Isaacson added that the second challenge is that “more and more B2B marketers are moving toward an account-based approach, and MA systems are built around individuals.”

The new solution, which is built on the Oracle Marketing AppCloud Framework, will enable B2B marketers to use Oracle Eloqua to accomplish multiple tasks, including:

  • Eliminating online form fields and dynamically appending records with more accurate and standard account data;
  • Appending historical lead and contact data with standardized account data;
  • Leveraging Demandbase’s Account Score to trigger campaigns and workflow at an account level; and
  • Targeting the entire buyer committee from important accounts.

“This is an exciting announcement for us as we see our customers wanting to do more in ABM,” said John Stetic, Group VP-Products at Oracle Marketing Cloud. “Being able to have a richer data set to apply to the accounts is critical. This new solution enables that. It gives people a richer profile of accounts they’re trying to market to.”

CSC is one customer using the new solution in beta. In an announcement, Chris Marin, Senior Principal, Digital Marketing Platform And Analytics at CSC called it “a positive step forward that helps align our marketing automation system with our ABM approach. Besides enriching and cleaning both contact and account-type records, this new tool helps identify the linkage between people and the companies they work for as well as reveals net new accounts.”

Demandbase states that it is the first major partnership between a marketing automation solution and an account-based marketing solution.