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INBOUND 2019: Experience Disruption Key To Streamlining B2B Go-To-Market Strategies, Boosting Customer Satisfaction

Innovation and disruption in the technology sector are soaring, but customer experience continues to falter. Research from B2B International shows that only 14% of large B2B companies are truly customer-centric. However, progressive companies that have seen great success over the past couple of years are focusing on disrupting the customer experience to ensure buyers control the decision-making process, have as little friction as possible and build genuine relationships with their new partners.

INBOUND 2018: HubSpot Unveils Flywheel Framework To Better Attract, Engage & Delight Buyers

In the early days of demand generation, the traditional funnel excelled at helping businesses streamline their processes to move prospective customers from the top of the funnel to closed business. However, there has been a movement within the B2B marketplace toward breaking down the traditional sales funnel that the industry has come to adopt. You can see that in examples such as the #FlipMyFunnel movement and other analysts’ interpretations of the customer journey.

HubSpot CMO And Content VP Depart Amidst Ethics Violations; Bodnar Named CMO

HubSpotLogo Dark Web FlatHubSpot CMO Mike Volpe and VP of Content Joe Chernov have departed after an internal review revealed that they violated the company's business conduct and ethics policies.

Kipp Bodnar, the company's VP of Marketing, was named as the new CMO effective immediately. Bodnar will continue to report to JD Sherman, HubSpot's President and COO, and will continue to manage the company's global inbound marketing and demand generation initiatives.

An independent review overseen by the company's Board of Directors determined that Volpe and Chernov attempted to obtain a draft of a book being written about the company. In a statement, HubSpot officials noted that Chernov resigned from his position prior to a decision to terminate his employment.

"We are disappointed by the actions of Mike and Joe," noted Lorrie Norrington, HubSpot Board Member and Lead Independent Director of the investigation, in a statement.

The company has also sanctioned Brian Halligan, the company's Chairman and CEO, for having knowledge of Volpe and Chernov's actions and not reporting them in a timely manner. The Board concluded that Halligan was not involved in the breach of conduct and will remain with the company.

HubSpot Adds Sales App, Content Optimization, Social And Reporting Tools

HubSpot LogoHubSpot recently introduced updates to its marketing automation platform, including a Content Optimization System (COS), a social media tool called Social Inbox and a new analytic reporting engine. The company also unveiled Signals, an app for sales reps.

The COS serves as part content management system, part personalization engine, and is fully integrated with every marketing channel, according to HubSpot Co-Founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah.

HubSpot Acquires Chime And PrepWork For Bottom-Of-The-Funnel Interactions

HubSpot LogoHubSpot yesterday announced the acquisition of startups Chime, a notification aggregator, and PrepWork, a calendar app.

Chime created Chrome plug-in that enables users to receive social media notifications via their browser while PrepWork constructed a platform which syncs with a user’s calendar to offer relevant, contextual information to offer insights to those on a meeting.

HubSpot Closes $35 Million Funding Round, Announces Q3 Results

Marketing automation vendor HubSpot announced today that it has closed a new round of financing and shared some of its Q3 2012 financial results.

The company said that it has secured a $35 million mezzanine financing round. Investors in the new round include a "large, unnamed institutional investor," according to a company news release, in addition to Altimeter Capital, Cross Creek Capital and several previous investors. The current round brings HubSpot's total financing to $100 million, according to the company.

Heavyweights Line Up Behind HubSpot For New $32 Million in Series D Funding

announced today it has secured $32 million is Series D funding, financed by Sequoia Capital, Google Ventures and This marks the first joint investment for the three companies. This is the fourth round of financing round for HubSpot.

HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan said the company will allocate a large portion of the funding toward research and development, as the company continues its commitment to innovating inbound marketing for the SMB market.

"The fundamental way that people shop, learn, and buy has changed radically in the last few years,” Halligan said. “HubSpot helps transform the way businesses market from outbound marketing (cold calls, email blasts, and direct mail) to inbound marketing (Google, blogs, social media, mobile, etc.).”

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