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DGR Book Club: 2019 Reads To Add To Your List

Spring has finally sprung and what better way to enjoy the warm weather than to soak up the sun and dive into a new book that will help you polish up your marketing strategies and get ahead in 2019?

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Demandbase Appoints 2 Industry Veterans To Lead Product Marketing

Demandbase, a provider of ABM technology, has announced the appointments of Kelly Cook as VP of Product, Advertising Solutions and Dom Lindars as VP of Product, Marketing Solutions. The company said both Cook and Lindars will help support Demandbase’s expansion of product offerings with artificial intelligence and machine-learning technologies.

B2B Marketers Ramp Up Retargeting Strategies

shutterstock 60868558The practice of ad retargeting — displaying targeted messages to visitors who have left your site when they view other sites — has been a page in B2C marketers’ playbooks for quite a while. Today, however, B2B marketers are embracing retargeting even more warmly, and for good reason: It is a cost-effective way to keep your brand in front of B2B decision makers during what is typically a long buying cycle.

The average click-through rate online for display ads is .07%, while the average click-through rate (CTR) for retargeted ads is about 0.7%, according to research from Criteo, a company that specializes in performance display advertising. Criteo studies also found that visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert than those who are not retargeted.

Demandbase Secures $15 Million In Funding

DemandbaseDemandbase last week announced the closing of a $15 million funding to support accelerated growth of the company’s online advertising and web site optimization platform, according to Demandbase officials.

Demandbase Founder and CEO Chris Golec believes that B2B marketers have not yet taken full advantage of the reduced cost of selling made possible by digital marketing and data-driven decision making. “The new investment will help fuel our growth and fulfill our vision of creating connected conversations with prospects and customers across traditionally siloed technologies and data,” he added. “Online advertising, web site logs, and CRM systems can finally be joined in real-time to connect advertising spend to web site engagement to company revenue.”

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