ABM Innovation Summit Showcases Advances In Program Applications & Campaign Analytics

Published: March 15, 2019

In yet another sign of the explosive growth of the ABM category, more than 1,000 attendees turned out at Pier 27 in San Francisco for the 6th Annual ABM Innovation Summit, hosted by Demandbase.

With a program featuring four tracks mixing practitioners, thought leaders and speakers from brands such Salesforce Pardot, Drift, PathFactory, PFL and Uberflip, the event provided a mix of best practices, case studies and tips for taking ABM to the next level. Attendees also had the opportunity to get ABM certification, with Demandbase reporting that more than 3,000 B2B marketers have become certified as account-based marketing strategists through the program.

“The ABM category has totally caught fire in the past year, and the growth of this event just reinforces that we are at a new inflection point,” said Peter Isaacson, CMO of Demandbase. He pointed to the Forrester Wave report on ABM platform vendors published last year, as “legitimizing and validating ABM” as a category requiring dedicated technologies and processes.

As the ABM category expands and evolves, Demandbase CEO Chris Golec stressed that B2B brands will need to advance around three core areas of precision, scale and engagement. “ABM continues to grow and evolve, but one of the biggest challenges that B2B marketers continue to face is the ability to truly understand which investments are successfully reaching accounts and buying committees,” he said.

To address the need for greater handle on which ABM programs and investments are having the biggest impact, Demandbase announced the launch of a Cross-Campaign Analytics product. Cross-Campaign Analytics is designed to provide B2B advertisers and marketers with a single view of account reach and performance across vendors, channels and campaigns.

“Most B2B marketers invest across different vendors, such as LinkedIn, Google and Facebook, but can’t get a single view into the performance across these campaigns,” said Golec. “Cross-Campaign Analytics is the first ABM-centric solution that lets you compare vendors and channels in one place so you can maximize your campaign performance and reach the right accounts.”

Golec said Cross-Campaign Analytics would allow marketers to put an ABM lens across all their campaigns and compare programs side-by-side. This includes advertising campaigns run with Demandbase, campaigns run with direct publisher buys, campaigns executed through more traditional demand-side platforms (DSPs) — and even beyond advertising, for paid search and email initiatives.

To further address the need for precision in zeroing in on the right buyers, Demandbase also introduced Dynamic Audiences, a new solution designed to help marketers automate the collection of signals and insights from CRM, marketing automation and Demandbase’s artificial intelligence intent data to drive audience list maintenance. Golec said the capability will give marketers the ability to carry out real-time segmentation based on intent signals in the earliest stages of a buying process all the way through CRM opportunity status. He added that the solution will reduce the manual and time-consuming process required to map first- and third-party attributes across systems in order to generate up-to-date lists of accounts that meet specific buying criteria.

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