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Humanizing Account-Based Strategies Helps B2B Brands Drive Authenticity, Engagement

As the maturity of account-based strategies within the B2B marketplace continues, practitioners are finding that a unified organization around account frameworks and goals consistently leads to more authentic relationships with current and potential customers.

This was the main topic of discussion amongst attendees and speakers at the 9th annual #FlipMyFunnel Conference in Boston. Speakers and industry thought leaders agreed that while the tech landscape enabled many practitioners, it also prevented many from offering authentic, human-like customer experiences. The adoption of account-based strategies has helped organizations begin to reassess their go-to-market strategies to increase efficiency.

Alinean Expands Customer Database

Alinean LogoAlinean
, a creator of value-based interactive sales and marketing tools, added 20 B2B customers in 2012, providing them with solutions to address economic-focused buyers. These new customers included Canon, Concur, Cox Communications, GE Healthcare, Lenovo, LogMeIn and Zebra Technologies.

Alinean has developed and delivered interactive white papers, benefits estimators and ROI/TCO analysis tools for marketing campaigns and sales initiatives.

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