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Meet The Millennials: How Marketers Can Effectively Connect With The New B2B Buyer

In 2019, Brian Fanzo’s B2BMX keynote on Millennials was so popular that this year, the B2B Marketing Exchange brought him back for an encore. In his 2020 presentation, “Meet the Millennials: How B2B Brands Are Bridging Generational Divides for Teams and Buyers,” the Founder of iSocialFanz shared new insights on the importance of the Millennial generation — both as B2B buyers and as part of the marketing team.

Customer Experience In The Millennial Age

Mark AboudSince the introduction of SPIN selling in the early ‘80s, the world of B2B customer engagement has seen steady innovation. Telephone cold calling, voicemail and emails became vital tools used to let prospects know you wanted to talk to them. When you did get a positive response, face-to-face meetings for problem discovery and PowerPoint presentations to drive the impact of your solution home became the standard. B2B selling was ruled by the conventional wisdom of seasoned sales executives who had control of the information. Through vast experience and advanced training in strategic and positional selling, they knew exactly how to win. It was a seller’s market and a game of inches.

Rise Of Millennial Buyers Pushes Marketers To Reevaluate Traditional Tactics

Millennials have long been disparaged and dismissed as “lazy and self-centered.” But marketers can no longer afford to overlook Millennials, who now comprise the largest generation in the workforce, according to the Pew Research Center, and are positioned to influence B2B purchasing decisions, according to insight from Forrester and LinkedIn. Progressive B2B companies, such as Oracle + Bronto and The Pedowitz Group, are rethinking their marketing strategies to include mobile-friendly, highly-visual content that caters to Millennial preferences.

Study: 73% Of Millennials Are Involved In B2B Decision-Making

1300millennialKnown as the largest generation in the U.S. labor force, Millennials (defined as between ages 20 to 35) are a valuable demographic in B2B sales and marketing. A recent study from Sacunas, a B2B marketing agency, revealed that 73% of Millennials are involved in some form of B2B decision-making, and one-third are actually the sole decision-maker in their company.

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