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HubSpot CRO: An Inbound Approach To B2B Sales Creates Buyer Centricity And Context

1RobergeHeadshotIn the same way buyers want to create their own path through the marketing funnel, B2B sales teams feel similar struggles when looking to engage qualified leads and bring them through the sales funnel to a purchase decision. HubSpot recently came out with a new inbound sales methodology intended to help sales reps provide the contextual buyer experience that prospective customers are looking for.

Killer Content Q&A: Put Yourself In The Buyer’s Shoes

Alicia Garibaldi Bio pic REGGlassdoor made a smart move by capitalizing on the popular “Dummies” series when it published Employer Branding For Dummies, Glassdoor Special Edition. The content was the top-performing E-book out of 15 E-books that the company created in 2014 and helped the employment and recruiting marketplace win a Killer Content Award that year.

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