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Swrve To Acquire Converser To Boost Mobile Marketing Engagement

Swrve logoSwrve, a provider of mobile marketing automation, plans to acquire Converser, a mobile engagement technology vendor. The combined platform is positioned to help marketers create, test, deploy and measure mobile app marketing campaigns as they currently do with email marketing campaigns, according to company officials.

Marketo, Oracle Eloqua and Tableau are among the partners that have pre-integrated with Swrve.

Appboy Launches Conversion Tracking Feature

Appboy logoAppboy, a provider of marketing automation for mobile apps, launched conversion tracking capabilities designed to enable marketers to set custom campaign goals and monitor user interactions with messages.

The feature is designed enable marketers analyze the path to purchase and enhance future retargeting. Additionally, campaigns triggered by Appboy's API allow marketers to measure campaign effectiveness outside of the Appboy platform.

B2B Buyer Personas Getting More Complex

shutterstock 115451893While buyer personas are unique to each company, they all focus on the role each buyer has in making purchasing decisions. And as the role of the B2B buyer broadens, buyer personas are become more detailed and complex. The proliferation of mobile access and evolving content consumption patterns are also driving changes in persona development. 

Today’s B2B buyer personas extend beyond attributes such as job title, industry and company size, and can be tailored to an individual buyer all the way up to a large enterprise. Modern buyer personas are designed to discover how, when and why buyers come to their decisions. Grouping buyers based on beliefs, priorities, goals, preferred channels and previous purchases allows marketers to gain a more accurate read on how they can help solve a certain problem.

B2B Marketers Adjusting Search Strategies To Account For Mobile

shutterstock 114836104Mobile is no longer strictly the domain of B2C marketers. Due to the growing propensity for B2B buyers tobringtheir mobile phones or tablet devices wherever they go, marketers need to factor in mobile when developing their strategies for search engine optimization (SEO), paid search and ad extensions, among other tactics.

Search engine optimization has evolved in its own way, transforming from a keyword-driven search into a process fueled by quality content. Google’s implementation of the Hummingbird algorithm in 2013 is the poster child for the SEO makeover, leaving B2B marketers with new challenges in promoting online products and services. SEO must be held to a different standard for mobile users who are likely looking for an immediate answer to a direct query.

Marketo Integrates Mobile Marketing Solution From Modo Labs

Marketo Modo LabsMarketo and Modo Labs, a mobile engagement platform provider, announced an integration that is designed to help marketers track and engage prospects on mobile web sites and apps created with the Kurogo Publisher solution from Mondo Labs.

The partnership will also provide nurturing tools to help marketers build prospect files and learn more about the behaviors of mobile web site and app users, according to officials for both companies.

5 Ways To Drive Demand With Mobile

Tom HeadShot 01By Tom Bishop, Principal Strategist, BackBeat Marketing

Today we’re watching the biggest industrial shift since the automobile replaced the horse and buggy. Or, maybe even since the airplane replaced the ocean liner.

Mobile devices — including handheld phones, tablets and now watches — are rapidly becoming the primary platforms for Internet browsing, online shopping, reading, news-gathering and interacting with businesses.

Next Version Of Microsoft Dynamics Will Focus On Marketing Integration, Mobile

Microsoft LogoMicrosoft is set to release the latest version of its Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform this fall that will focus on integrating its CRM with the MarketingPilot marketing solution it acquired last year. While many industry observers have speculated that Microsoft is shopping for a marketing automation vendor, this move could be an indication that the company will instead look to bolster its current marketing automation technology.

The company has not disclosed any precise details of the new features that will be available, but company officials noted that the changes will center around developing a personalized experience for consumers through improved marketing automation and mobile access.

Mimvi Launches B2B Division, Offers Marketers Mobile Expertise

Mimvi LogoMimvi, a mobile discovery technology company, announced the formation of its B2B division, LaunchPad. The division was established to address growing corporate interest in Mimvi’s search and discovery technology spanning mobile apps and content, according to a Mimvi press release.

In addition, Mimvi LaunchPad offers organizations the resources, expertise and technology to facilitate marketer’s mobile visions.

Ready Or Not, Lead Gen Is Going Mobile For B2B Marketers

MobileWhen it comes to consumer behavior and business marketing on mobile devices, the growth stats are always staggering. Here’s one of the latest, from Pew Internet: 87% of smartphone owners check the Internet or email on their phones, including 68% who do so every day and 25% who say they "mostly go online using their phone, rather than with a computer."

That last number is an important one. “Rather than with a computer” shows that consumer behavior is on a fast track to be the dominant, rather than secondary, content-consumption screen. Reports Strong Q3 Results, Expects To Hit $4B Revenue In 2014
reported yesterday that it beat Wall Street expectations for its Q3 2012 earnings, and that it is on track to become the first cloud computing company with a $4 billion revenue run rate.

The CRM vendor reported revenue of $788 million, or 33 cents a share, an increase of 35 percent from Q3 of 2011. The company also reported a net loss of $220 million, or $1.55 a share, mostly due to a one-time tax-related charge. Excluding the charge, the company would have reported earnings of 33 cents a share.

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