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Act-On Unveils New Automated Journey Builder Tool

Act-On Software, a growth marketing platform, has launched an Automated Journey Builder solution, a visual and flexible UX that aims to empower marketers to build intuitive customer journeys.

The solution aims to provide marketers with the tools to build, design and execute automated programs across their brand, channels and product lifecycles, allowing them to nurture both customer experiences and leads. The launch comes a few months after Act-On’s rebrand to a growth marketing solution.

“Meaningful customer engagement is the root of business growth, and historically, managing complicated customer lifecycles was cumbersome,” says Aaron Johnson, Chief Product Officer at Act-On, in a statement. “Our Automated Journey Builder delivers visibility into engagement pathways, improves ease-of-use and ultimately, helps marketers deliver richer customer experiences. With this update, marketing efficiently, and effectively, at every step of the customer lifecycle has never been easier.”