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Autoklose Implements Multi-Email Outreach Capability To Increase Inbox Engagement

Autoklose, an email automation and sales intelligence platform recently multi-email outreach, unveiled a new multi-email outreach solution to help B2B sales teams reach out to multiple prospects in email channels and increase email open rates.

The new feature is designed to automatically pull prospects from the Autoklose contact database to help teams filter contacts by role, experience and phone numbers. This allows users to build personalized emails and campaigns for multiple contacts in various time zones and with different levels of interest.

Additionally, the platform allows users to:

  • Create email templates with a campaign editor tool, helping teams collaborate to insert custom fields, contacts and sales content to increase engagement and effectively measure campaign performance;
  • A/B test their campaignsto determine how email copy and content is resonating with audiences and adjust future outreach; and
  • Separate email conversations into individual threads for a more organized view of conversations.

“The multi-email outreach capability is something our customers have been asking for, and we are so pleased that this will now be included within the Autoklose platform,” said Shawn Finder, Sales GM at Autoklose, in a statement. “With this capability, organizations can quickly and economically scale their personal email outreach efforts to drive more meetings, pipeline, revenue and growth.”