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Banzai Launches Certified Partner Program, a marketing technology company that provides data-driven marketing and sales solutions, released its Certified Partner Program, which serves B2B agencies with an opportunity to grow their business via the Banzai platform.

The Certified Partner Program will cater specifically to B2B agencies and companies who are focused on addressing the needs of marketers, particularly those who want to provide solutions that promote deeper engagement and more actionable insights. Banzai partners will receive sales commissions and active support from a dedicated team of Banzai experts who will assist Partners in marketing and selling the Banzai platform.

“We are seeing unprecedented demand for our marketing technology services across a variety of businesses,” said Ashley Levesque, VP of Communications at Banzai, in a statement. “This dedicated partner program was a natural next step for Banzai as we’re strategically partnering with leading B2B marketing agencies who leverage our platform to support their customers in proving the value of webinars and virtual events as a channel.”