COVID-19 Update

Cisco Announces New Webex Integrations With Eloqua & Salesforce

Webex Webinars released new integrations with Eloqua and Salesforce to help marketers integrate webinars with their marketing automation and CRM platforms to gain a holistic view of a prospect’s journey and respond to leads faster.

When paired with Webex Webinars, Eloqua allows users to:

  • Register users to Webex directly from Eloqua forms or landing pages;
  • Sync Eloqua contacts directly with Webex Webinar attendees;
  • Segment contacts based on Webex Webinar engagement data; and
  • Integrate existing lead scoring with Webex Webinar engagement data.

With Salesforce CRM and Webex Webinars integration, marketing and sales teams have a shared view of each customer activity and can manage data between webinars and Salesforce lead and customer objects. With this integration, marketers can:

  • Share lead and activity data with sales;
  • Keep databases clean; and
  • Attribute revenue to specific webinar programs.

“Connecting webinars to the customer lifecycle and demand gen is one of the biggest advantages of this new integration,” said Aruna Ravichandran, CMO of Webex, exclusively to DGR. “It creates a frictionless connection point allowing sales and marketing to focus on their core purpose: Building a pipeline and identifying future customers.”