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Cognitiv Releases AI Solutions For More Inclusive & Diverse Media Buying

Cognitiv Releases AI Solutions For More Inclusive & Diverse Media Buying Jacob Lund –

Cognitiv, a deep learning AI provider, released two new features to help enable more diverse and inclusive (D&I) media buying. The Inclusivity feature uses GPT technology to “read” content and determine whether the language is inclusive, neutral or non-inclusive, while the Diversity feature analyzes visitor demographics to determine whether advertisements authentically connect with multicultural groups. 

Inclusivity seeks to provide an intuitive understanding of a page’s intent to help give brands access to suitable and relevant content. Through the Diversity feature, brands can target diverse ethnic makeup at the page level to help scale their message and support publishers who produce content for more inclusive audiences. 

“We are excited to deliver the next generation in inclusive media buying using the most advanced deep learning technology,” said Dr. Aaron Andalman, Chief Science Officer & Co-founder of Cognitiv, in a statement. “Brands have D&I media buying goals that have been notoriously difficult to achieve, but recent advances in large language models allow a richer, more nuanced, understanding of page content. Our AI-solution harnesses and extends these advances to enable brands to reach audiences in new places more confidently than ever before.”