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Contentstack Revamps UI To Streamline Content Creation

Contentstack, an omnichannel content experience platform, redesigned its content management system’s user interface (UI) for content editors and developers. By overhauling the UI, Contentstack intends to make its enterprise software more user-friendly.

The new UI will streamline the content editing process by providing more space for inputting content, reducing the number of clicks and menus required to edit content and helping users uncover templates or pre-existing content faster. The redesign will also provide users with more autonomy over the content creation and management processes so they can focus on accelerating content production and improving quality.

“Content creators are the lifeblood of every brand and it’s time to stop slowing them down,” said Matthew Baier, COO of Contentstack, in a statement. “We’ve completely redesigned the user experience so content creators are free to work at the speed of their imagination. Contentstack is removing the learning curve for CMS, enabling content to come from anywhere in your organization.”