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Demand Science Completes Acquisition Of TrustedOut

Demand Science, a global revenue intelligence platform, acquired content intelligence platform TrustedOut to enhance its solution suite with intent, content and market intelligence technology that provides enhanced data and content.

The TrustedOut AI capability is designed to interpret global media content and information, including near real-time releases across industries, to provide trusted, verified and unbiased data and market intelligence. The proprietary technologies deliver firmographic intelligence that utilizes multiple market and industry signals to augment, enhance and complete company profiles.

“The addition of TrustedOut enables us to leverage and accelerate our AI capabilities to predict marketplace intent in ways no one else is doing in the market,” said Peter Cannone, CEO of Demand Science, in a statement. “This acquisition bolsters our global intent data and intelligence offering, positioning us to provide substantial ROI across our portfolio of solutions for sales and marketing professionals, global executives and business owners. TrustedOut checks all of the boxes in support of our mission of providing the most accurate, healthy, recent and relevant B2B data in the industry. This technology furthers our focus on delivering innovative, leading edge solutions unmatched in our industry.”