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Demandbase Execs Team Up To Publish ABM Playbook

Demandbase, an ABM solution provider, announced that a new book written by three of its executives will be released at the company’s ABM Innovation Summit, held March 14-15 in San Francisco. Event attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the book, which will then be released to the general public on March 19.

The book, titled “Account-Based Marketing: How to Target and Engage the Companies That Will Grow Your Revenue,” aims to provide a practical guide to help marketers identify accounts, improve campaign execution, measure results and more. It is co-authored by Chris Golec, Demandbase Founder and CEO, Peter Isaacson, CMO, and Jessica Fewless, VP of ABM Strategy.

In an interview with Demand Gen Report, Isaacson said the book had been in the works for a while, but the timing was never quite right. That is until a Forrester report established ABM as a new category and named Demandbase as a leading solution provider in the space. Demandbase was then approached by the global publishing company Wiley.

“Jessica and I have been talking about this for the past four years quite frankly — ever since we started developing workshop and doing presentations on thought leadership around account-based marketing,” said Isaacson. “We just had all of the content available to us and we were learning so much and evolving our thinking so much around account-based marketing… [When] Wiley publishers approached Chris, [he] talked to me and Jessica about doing it and we just felt like, ‘Yes, let’s do it. The time is right.’”

According to Isaacson, the book is primarily targeted towards practicing account-based marketers, but also offers some tips for B2B companies just getting started with ABM on how they too can develop a world-class, high-performing ABM strategy.

“We talk about organizational structure and how teams of varying sizes can come together and actually execute account-based marketing,” said Isaacson. “There is certainly a little bit in [there] for the newbies that are considering ABM. But the bulk of it is really for people to provide a roadmap, even if you’ve already taken a couple of swings at ABM and have executed ABM on a certain scale to actually do it across the funnel and across channels.”