Evergage Releases New Tools For Enhanced Personalization, Data Insights

Source: Evergage Source: Evergage

Evergage, a personalization and customer data platform, unveiled new features designed to help marketers tap into customer data and improve one-to-one personalization.

Evergage Decisions aims to use AI to provide hyper-personalized content recommendations. The Contextual Bandit algorithm uses behavioral data and attribute criteria to estimate the probability that a prospect will interact with an offer on a given channel, as well as predict which content for each visitor will result in the highest ROI.

The company also unveiled the Data Science Workbench, which is designed to provide users access to analytics collected on Evergage servers. This includes in-depth behavioral data, contextual information, survey responses and first- and third-party information from other sources.

“Our new Contextual Bandit algorithm blends what’s most helpful to the buyer with what’s best for the business — determining and displaying the optimal offer or experience in milliseconds,” said Andy Zimmerman, Evergage CMO, in a statement to Demand Gen Report. “This innovation, along with our new Data Science Workbench, underscores Evergage’s commitment to helping companies maximize the results of their personalization efforts to improve conversions and retention.”