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Folloze Launches Next Generation Of Buyer Experience Platform

Folloze, a B2B buyer experience platform, released its Buyer Experience Platform 3.0, which includes a new experience engine and several other key features to help unlock design tools and data insights to create content-rich, relevant experiences in a no-code environment.

The new capabilities of the enhanced platform include:

  • An Experience Designer tool to build digital destinations across a variety of interaction types;
  • B2B experience templates and a section gallery that complement the Experience Designer and help accelerate campaign creation by leveraging best practices;
  • New branding tools to design all experiences on approved corporate branding guidelines;
  • A flexible content layout framework to create, optimize and present consumer-driven, content-based experiences;
  • AI-powered personalization and recommendations that analyze buyer engagement to help optimize digital experiences;
  • Buyer engagement and content-consumption analysis tools that analyze behavioral insights of specific buyers and buying groups; and
  • Extensive framework and a software development kit to enable the creation of custom experiences.

“From the inception of the company, our mission has been to change the game in the way that B2B Buyers are empowered through their journey in a digital-first world,” said David Brutman, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of Folloze, in a statement. “This new release is putting the power in the hands of all marketers to create engaging, buyer-centric experiences — and it’s powered by unique behavioral data insights to deliver a complete journey.”