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Gartner To Acquire TOPO

Gartner To Acquire TOPO Source: TOPO

Gartner has agreed to acquire TOPO, a research and advisory firm for sales and marketing organizations, to better help companies continue to grow revenue faster and sustain that growth. Terms of the deal were undisclosed.

Providing insightful resources and advice to drive growth, TOPO produces industry benchmarks, plays and technology reports, and regularly hosts events featuring leaders in the industry. The company also develops research insights, actionable assessments and market technology guides for marketing, sales development and sales.

Following the acquisition, TOPO plans to continue operating separately from Gartner’s team, according to a TOPO blog post, and will leverage Gartner’s resources and experience to continue to provide the best possible resources to their clients. Leadership at TOPO will also remain intact.

"The only thing growing faster than our clients' revenue today is the change they face in order to sustain growth ... We are excited to share that TOPO has agreed to be acquired by Gartner," the company said in the blog post. "We strongly believe this is great news for our clients, our employees and our long-term future."