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InsideSales Launches Cloud Offering With Real-Time Behavioral Insights

InsideSales, a sales software and lead management tool, unveiled the Revenue Acceleration Cloud, which is designed to combine AI algorithms and CRM data to help revenue teams build closeable pipeline and retain and expand their businesses.

The Cloud offering includes a Real Intelligence platform, core services and a set of solutions designed to accelerate customer revenue. Real Intelligence aims to capture proprietary collective human experience data in real-time between buyers and sellers.

“The Revenue Acceleration Cloud addresses the limitations of CRM and AI technology by incorporating Real Intelligence, which is our ‘wisdom of the crowd’ data captured from the cumulative experiences from every seller-buyer transaction across our entire customer base,” said Matt Langie, CMO of InsideSales, in a statement to Demand Gen Report. “Our Playbooks product, which helps business development reps identify people and accounts most likely to convert and engage with prospects through an effective multichannel cadence, is the foundation of the Cloud, but we’re doubling down to build out features and capabilities that can be used by business development reps, inside sales reps and especially CROs and heads of revenue operations for better insight into the levers that ultimately accelerate revenue for their organizations.”

The company said that the Revenue Acceleration Cloud is designed for Salesforce, Microsoft, SAP and Infor customers.