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Less Than One-Quarter Of Enterprise Marketers Have Advanced Content Martech Skills

Source: The Content Marketing Institute Source: The Content Marketing Institute

Sixty-one percent of marketers say their enterprise organization is extremely or very committed to content marketing. Yet, only 24% rate their proficiency in content marketing technology as “advanced” or “expert,” according to new research from the Content Marketing Institute.

The Institute’s ninth annual content marketing survey polled nearly 2,0000 global content marketers. Additional findings include:

  • Only  26% have a centralized content marketing group working across their organization;
  • 55% are using ABM or have plans to do so in 2019;
  • 68% say their organization is somewhat more to much more successful with content marketing than a year ago; and
  • 74% say “coordinating content marketing efforts among multiple departments and brands” is their top content marketing challenge.

“The unique nature of a large organization makes content marketing especially challenging,” said Lisa Murton Beets, Research Director at Content Marketing Institute, in a statement. “New this year, we asked enterprise marketers about their use of ABM and the alignment between their content marketing and sales teams… Around half of respondents may have ushered in 2019 with ABM in place [and] the collaborative nature of ABM may help alleviate the sales and marketing alignment gap.”