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LinkedIn Unveils Updates To Sales Navigator Platform

LinkedIn released its quarterly product update for its Sales Navigator platform, which includes the ability to generate automatic contact lists, notify organizations when an account leaves their website and more. The updates seek to help B2B sales teams strengthen existing relationships and maximize their value through retention, upselling, cross-selling and referrals.

The new features include:

  • A Champions List that automatically creates a list of contacts to help organizations find company advocates, understand and gain influence within the buying committee and proactively surface potential roadblocks;
  • Bookmarking Alerts, available to all users, enhance the already existing Alerts function by creating customized feeds that feature the most leads and accounts;
  • “Left Account” Flags, which automatically notifies users when someone on any lead list or account map leaves their company;
  • CRM Activity Writeback that reduces the number of permissions needed for “read-only” users;
  • CRM Match Correction, which strengthens CRM integrations by allowing users to edit or verify matches to their existing CRM entities; and
  • Account Map Enhancements that increase placement of lead profile cards within tiers and show shared connections. Additionally, it features “confirm all” buttons to save the current Account Map and provides easy access to each account’s map.