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Madison Logic Launches Integration With LinkedIn Ads Through Journey Acceleration Platform

Madison Logic (ML), an ABM platform, announced a new LinkedIn integration to enable data-driven multichannel ABM activation and measurement. This integration is the latest release of ML’s Journey Acceleration platform and aims to increase account engagement and accelerate the sales cycle.

Madison Logic and LinkedIn customers can also leverage ML’s existing LinkedIn Reporting and ROI integration to help create a unified view of their multichannel programs. B2B marketers can optimize Journey Acceleration’s new integration with LinkedIn ads across the sales cycle to:

  • Optimize account insights by adopting ML Insights and combining it with data from marketing automation and CRM platforms to identify the accounts most likely to convert;
  • Advance cross-channel program activation bydelivering personalized messaging and content on LinkedIn using any LinkedIn ad format to maximize account engagement; and
  • Enhance measurement and pipeline insights byunderstanding how accounts are progressing through their journey and effectively targeting the buying committee at each stage of the sales cycle.

“Today’s buying environment requires enterprise marketers to engage the buying committee as they research solutions across the entire web, including LinkedIn as the dominant B2B social network,” said Tom O’Regan, CEO of Madison Logic, in a statement. “By leveraging ML Insights to prioritize and engage accounts globally across multiple channels, marketers can now seamlessly activate a unified multi-channel strategy to accelerate the sales cycle from within the ML Platform.”