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Mediafly Unveils New Sales Content Performance Tracking Tool

Mediafly, a sales enablement technology provider, has announced its Winter Product update, which includes a new Shadow Content Finder that aims to help sales reps create value-driven content that resonates with buyers and improves future content strategies.

The Shadow Content Finder is designed to identify and track sales content performance (as opposed to marketing-approved content) during sales interactions, providing insights into the performance of the content and how it resonates with buyers. The tool also notifies users about effective data points, messages and materials that can update or improve future content.

“Mediafly’s success is largely attributed to our continued focus on providing sellers with the tools and knowledge needed to meet customers where they are and drive deals to close,” said Carson Conant, CEO and Founder of Mediafly, in a statement. “Among the many upgrades to Mediafly this quarter, the addition of Shadow Content Finder amplifies our Mediafly Insights content analytics capabilities in a big way. Whether remote selling or in-person, engaging a captive audience starts with having the right content at the right time. Having a full view of what content works and doesn’t — whether produced by sales or marketing — is key.”

In addition to the Shadow Content Finder, Mediafly’s Winter Product update includes:

  • A sophisticated new UI/UX;
  • Enhanced customization capabilities; and
  • Flexibility to helps sellers pivot across sales content during any conversation.

“Ultimately, our latest product updates are designed to further elevate engagement and preparedness for sales reps during increasingly remote sales interactions, when the right content experience matters more than ever,” said Conant.