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New Forrester Study Examines ROI Impact of ABM Programs

New research conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by Terminus revealed the account-based marketing platform provides customer benefits that add up to a net present value (NPV) of $1.6M and ROI of 313%.

The study, titled “The Total Economic Impact of the Terminus Account-Based Marketing Solution,” collected data from customers using the Terminus ABM marketing solution over a three-year period to gauge their experiences and benefits with the platform. 

The solution was cited as highly beneficial to the participants’ larger business strategies, reducing campaign costs and assisting in effective direct account targeting. Participating customers also said they experienced a $434k reduction in marketing program costs, a $386k sales increase using targeted ABM opportunities and $1.3 million gained from SDR successes.

“More than ever, companies need to know how they can maximize their revenue results while optimizing marketing spend, and drive high impact customer experiences,” said Tim Kopp, CEO of Terminus, in a press release. “Account-based strategies allow companies to implement a full-funnel approach that drives top of funnel engagement, pipeline acceleration and rich customer experiences that have demonstrated ROI.”