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Openprise Launches New Data Management Tool

OpenRise NB Screenshot

Openprise, a digital data management and orchestration platform, has launched a new data management tool: Openprise Agile CDP. The tool is designed to help marketers clean, enrich and unify data across multiple sources into a single customer view in as little as 90 days, according to the company.

The Agile CDP platform is built on the company’s Data Orchestration Platform, and includes all Openprise capabilities for improving data, such as lead routing, account scoring and attribution. The tool aims to enable users to create custom, data-driven apps for upselling and cross-selling, prospecting and attribution. 

“Openprise fulfills the promise of Customer Data Platforms, making it possible for B2B customers to be live and delivering value in 90 days,” said Ed King, CEO and Founder of Openprise, in a statement. “Openprise Agile CDP offers a proven platform that puts data quality front and center—automating hundreds of business processes and ensuring that marketers have the high-quality data they need to gain meaningful insights and instantly act on those insights at scale.”