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RevenueBase Gains $6M In Seed Funding To Expand B2B Data Offerings

RevenueBase, a B2B SaaS data solution for sales and marketing teams, raised $6 million in a seed funding round led by Bessemer Venture Partners with participation from 10 venture capital firms. The investors will work alongside Mark Feldman and Milenko Beslic, RevenueBase’s Co-founders, to further innovate the company’s offerings. RevenueBase will use the funding to focus on improving the breadth and scale of data provided to current customers through investments in product, sales and marketing.

RevenueBase launched in Spring 2021, focusing on three key areas: Completeness of data, data accuracy at scale and ease. The goal was to better engage with its target audience and create a solution that not only provides essential contact information but also enables strong engagement. Since its founding, the company secured 20 clients, including Plannuh, Egress Software, Forj, Pliant and others from the SaaS and technology industries.

“We saw a whitespace for a company like RevenueBase, especially given that we’ve seen little real innovation or change in this market over the past decade leading businesspeople to be bombarded with impersonal and poorly-targeted messages multiple times a day,” said CEO Feldman in a statement. “This situation has been made worse by ‘The Great Resignation,’ during which so many people have left their positions and the data hasn’t kept up with those changes. Milenko and I knew that we could build a better solution to make it easier for companies to access more buyers to increase revenue. We do this by providing information others don’t, such as customer-specific insights, up-to-date role information (what do they actually do) and technographics. We’re excited to have the support of great investors who are on board with our vision.”