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Sales Hacker Launches Community For Sales Development

Sales Hacker, a sales education platform, has launched the Sales Hacker Community, an interactive and educational hub where sales professionals can network with industry thought leaders and peers for sales expertise, knowledge and professional development.

The Sales Hacker community includes more than 166,000 diverse sales professionals and members and has more than 500 contributing authors providing expertise. In addition to existing industry resources such as webinars, blogs and events, the Community hub will feature:

  • Professional Profiles to help individuals develop connections with other professionals, highlight metrics and interests and gather relevant news in a feed;
  • A Content & Trends tab that provides newer community members with the opportunity to develop their skills in sales through the latest industry trends and news;
  • Channels dedicated to specific topics such as news, information and discussion threads are viewable by all members;
  • Discussion Threads designed to allow members to create threads for topical discussion, advice and ideas with other professionals, providing the community with all levels of experience and expertise; and
  • Direct Messaging, which aims to provide members the means to connect and collaborate with one another privately.

"I am thrilled to launch this community to sales professionals around the globe," said Max Altschuler, Founder of Sales Hacker, in a statement. "In today's remote environment, resources that keep us connected, foster idea-sharing and open dialogue are increasingly important. This is exactly what Sales Hacker is designed to do. Sales professionals from all backgrounds and experience levels can come together and learn from each other to ultimately bring more success to their organizations and grow as leaders."