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Study: Alignment Between Sales And Marketing Is Improving

1televerdeAs buyers become more independent in their buying journey, sales and marketing alignment continues to be at the forefront of business operations to increase abilities to close deals and boost revenue. While alignment has been a challenge in the past, a new survey from Televerde reveals that a majority of sales professionals (62%) believe that sales and marketing are aligned at their companies.

The study titled What Does Sales Need & Want From Marketing, surveyed more than 200 B2B sales leaders about engagement with their marketing teams. The results showed overall growth in alignment, opportunity to continue that growth via ABM initiatives and a continued need for enhanced communications between groups.

Key results include:

  • 77% of respondents said the quality of leads generated through marketing are good to excellent;
  • 34% cited a lack of regular communication as the biggest challenge to aligning sales and marketing; and
  • 33% noted the differences in the way sales and marketing measure success as the biggest challenge.

“The relationship between sales and marketing drives revenue and maintains customer engagement, so it needs to be a huge priority for businesses,” said Ray Kemper, CMO at Televerde, in a statement. “What we’ve found is that there are some simple, but key, steps to take that help ensure sales and marketing are on the same page. Things like adopting a common language by jointly defining an inquiry and a lead and agreeing on buyer personas and journeys are seemingly obvious steps that are often not put in place and can make a big difference.”